Help on Roster. Trade?! Can I improve?

I am in a full point PPR, and am 5-2. Yesterday someone apparently dropped Lamar Miller and noone noticed but me so I picked him up. Now I have the following
QB: Smith, Wentz
RB: Hunt, Gurley, Shady, Miller, Kelley, Jones, Peterson, Darkwa
WR: Dez, Evans, Cooks
TE: Brate

With that being said, I have a ton of RBs, and can obviously only use 3 or 2 if my WRs have really good match-ups.

Should I sit on this roster or should I try to move someone?

If so, what should I try to upgrade in yalls opinion?

That’s quite a stable. I would say that your top four are all you need, even your top 3 would probably suffice. You could use your excess rbs to upgrade your WR core or try to get gronk.

Out of curiosity, how many league members?

Try to move shady after his game, or any you can move to get what you want. But I’d upgrade a wr or go for kelce or Ertz both top 3 test and they benefit your qbs.

You could even have them package in jags def or top kick just suggestions depending of the caliber players you’re trading for or away

Ten team league, I have just gotten super fortunate with how things shook out, and made some really good moves. The Miller thing was just a freak chance.