Help on Trade Offer for Kelce/Ertz!

So I’m trying to upgrade my TE position (I have Olsen) because it’s really holding me back. Two teams that are RB needy have Kelce and Ertz. Lucky for me, I have been able to secure a large amount of RBs through buy low trades and injury pickups.
It’s a Standard Non-PPR league.

My RBs are Gurley, Fournette, Cook, Chubb, Michel, Kerryon, and Conner.

The Kelce owner has White, A Jones and Henry. He’s been trying to hold off on trading me since I’m first in the league at 9-0 but is willing to after this week because his pool is so shallow.
The Ertz owner only has Hunt, Davis, and Gore.

What do you guys think is a good offer or should I hold what I have?

I like the strategy of it. Kelce is who I would want even though Ertz is passed his bye week. Fournette would be a great option because he’s an elite talent and it gets you out of the week to week injury issues he has.