Help on trade offer! J Robinson or Chris Carson ROS?

10 Team 3 wr PPR league…in a situation where I have to win every game moving forward to get into the playoffs

Would be sending:
Chris Carson, Amari, and Tua (could possibly switch QB)
James Robinson and Justin Jefferson

My Team:
Qb: Matt Ryan, Ryan Tannehill, Tua
Rb: Chris Carson, Chase Edmonds, David Montgomery, Deejay Dallas, JD Mckissic
Wr: D Hop, Keenan Allen, Scary Terry, Amari Cooper, Marvin Jones

His receivers also include:
AJ Brown, Tyler Lockett, Kenny G, Dj Moore

Bump…He also offered Robinson for Carson and Montgomery (don’t really like this offer)

Imho, you are essentially trading out an RB for an RB of equal skill and value.

I only slightly lean J Rob due to Carson’s health issues this year.

Carson’s health issues are the one thing that making me think about this trade…also the fact that I have to win the rest of the games for the season to make the playoffs

Robinsons playoff schedule is super rough…I’m personally trying to trade Robinson right now but I’m not in danger of not making the playoffs. In your case I would make the trade cuz Robinson has been my best pickup this year. The dude is a beast and is used a lot in the passing game.