Help on trade package for Kamara

My roster:

WR: Evans, TY, Thielen, Ridley, Alshon, McLaurin
RB: Zeke, A. Jones, Sanders McCoy

What I’m thinking to offer is Thielen and Jones but is that too much? Should I offer Alshon and Jones? What are you thoughts?

Kamara will go back to a top 5 back when Brees returns. I wouldn’t accept either of those trades if I had Kamara.

ya i have Brees on IR also which is why im trying to capitalize on his underperformance now

is there anything on my roster you think would get it done?

IDK, I’m always very hesitant to give up top guys for anything but top dollar. I’d probably ask for Zeke straight up or maybe Evans and Jones might make me pray about it.

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Ok so the Kamara owner accepted my offer of Thielen and Jones. I’m assuming its because of the “high ankle” injury report.

Am i screwing myself or was this a good trade?

Current roster looks like this - Evans, TY, Thielen, Alshon, Ridley, McLaurin, Zeke, Jones, Sanders, Mccoy