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Help! Peterson or Morris?


Help…With the Zeke news should I sit Adrian Peterson tonight and start Alfred Morris on Sunday instead?‬ Full PPR


I hope you went Morris.


No I didn’t, no one wanted to help me out yesterday so I decided not to tinker and left AP in. Luckily, I also started Fitz who got 21.30 so my fantasy week might still be salvaged. I gotta say I thought these forms were gonna be better. I expected lots of replys and good fantasy analysis and I got nothing.


Sorry man, just saw it this morning. AP is going to have a rough few weeks.


Yes, I am really sorry I didn’t see this yesterday either. I, too, had Fitz so I am really happy. I try to respond when I can, but I know what you mean about not getting replies. I have had a lot of questions that no one replies to.


Thanks all, it is nice to see that the footclan is out there to help each other out…even if it is a little late. :wink: