Help Pick 2 keepers

Full PPR… 10 Team League. We have 2 non-conditional keepers (keepers don’t replace a draft pick)…

Possible Candidates are:
Devonte Adams
Joe Mixon
Antonio Gibson
George Kittle

Adams will be one… I’m not really considering Kittle here but it felt weird leaving him off the list lol. Do I just go with Mixon? I really dont like him much but he seems like the safest volume pick

Mixon it really comes down to what do you believe. If you think he’s huge volume and this is the year then he probably is the better choice.

I’d like to have Mixon in drafts this season but I still feel, he has questionable coaching decisions who will probably sprinkle in more than my taste of Perine and Chris Evans. His OL is still not impressive and I expect they’ll be behind often and I worry about his durability. I’m ready to get burned again but I want to know I’m not depending on him.

For me it’s CEH. I think he’s going to do better this time even though before Bell signing he was I believe in or very close to RB1 territory. He just lacked TDs.

My order of preference CEH, Kittle, Mixon and Gibson,

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A case can be made for keeping Mixon or CEH.

A hear a lot about the durability of Mixon. Until last year, Mixon only missed 4 games in 3 years. That is more games played in that span than Dalvin Cook. I know Cook has produced at an elite level compared to Mixon, but the issue is Cook has never played a full season in 4 years yet he is being taken top 2 in drafts and no one says anything about his durability.

Mixon was listed on the injury report constantly, but that strengthens his case of being durable, imho, because while on those reports he still produced at an RB1 level, with that bad O-Line. In addition, his main competition for passing work, Bernard is gone.

CEH was drafted way too high last year. Before Bell was signed, CEH was the RB11 with only 3 TDs. If he would have scored 1 more TD in that span, he would have been the RB6. CEH ended up as the RB22 with only 5 total TDs for the year.

KC let Bell go and massively upgraded the O-Line this offseason. I also submit CEH is the 3rd target on the team now. I have changed my outlook on CEH, since KC’s offseason changes. I believe last year was CEH’s floor and I see him as a low RB1/high RB2 this year with positive TD regression coming for CEH.

I lean CEH over Mixon, although I like both of them this year.

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