Help pick 2!

Current Lineup and trying to decide between Keenan, D Johnson and Jamaal.

J Allen
M Gordon
Jamaal Williams
D. Adams

Bench: D Johnson, CJ Anderson, Lamar

Gordon is a must start tonight…but is Keenan? Julio is a game time decision and that’s bugging me, It’s a risky situation either way.

What’s everyone’s thoughts regarding DJ and Jamaal? It’s possible that DJ gets scripted out coming from behind. I just don’t want to leave major points on the bench. Jamaal has a great matchup but I’m also playing Davante. I don’t like to stack on games and I’ll likely be stacking RB/WR in 2 games

One last question, Lamar or Allen?

Any advice helps…I’m overthinking right now but I need some talking through lol


Rams D isn’t great against the run so DJ would be a good choice but I can’t imagine the Rams giving him much. I’m having DJ issues myself but I think I’m benching him.

I’d probably start Williams over him.

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I think I’d view it the same way as above, leaning to play Williams for the volume in a good matchup.

Allen if he’s good to go I think he needs to be started but it is a tough call. I suspect he’ll be benched in a lot of leagues

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I’m leaning Williams for the volume and play against the Jets. Unfortunately DJ is risky but can quickly get you his 14-25 points. Too much to risk during the championship. Sucks that DJ has to fall subject to decisions like this as he’s such a talent but Arizona kills me, also have been seeing that they give Edmunds (Go Fordham!! Bronx, NY native here) but he’s been stealing DJ’s looks lol

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I hate that I might roll with a roster and have allen and Johnson on my bench.


Do I trust Julio if he plays? Keenan and Gordon only got me 21 points to my opponents Henry 15. I can’t take another hit…wondering if I should play DJ instead in the flex or do I start Julio if he plays?

All the reports that I’ve read said that he’ll most likely play.
Having DJ as a back up plan is a really good plan. I would just keep an eye out on reports. Julio is projected to be the top receiver this week in a lot of rankings so if I hear he’s playing I’m going with him.