Help ! Pick my Rb2

Full pt ppr
AP is my RB1

Dion Lewis
Buck Allen
Tarik cohen
Orleans darkwa
Matt forte
Jamal Charles
Chris ivory (feel like this is no brained if fornette out)

Hella RBs stashed on my bench lol. I won’t say who I currently have in!

What y’all think?? Go go go

Dion Lewis

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Ahhhhhh I’m scared of the NE backfield.

You think dion is safer then buck allen? Buck lowest pt total is like 9 in ppr. So many backs in NE

Why you think dion ? TD upside?

Dion Lewis. TD upside

Dion under those Sunday night lights

Damn sounds unanimous- you sure I’m safe from dion Lewis putting up a dud ? Lol the ol goose

Rex is back James white and gilleslee active

Why everyone so high Lewis owns the night?

Bump anyone have reservations (besides me lol) with dion Lewis ?

How many points you feel you need out of your rb2? To be honest. It is pretty much a dart throw between all those guys as they all are sharing work load and/or have a tough matchup. I’d go Lewis or Ivory. Watch to see how Fournette looks in pregame. Even if he plays I think Ivory gets a pretty decent work load. NE has been working Lewis pretty good and he may have the best td potential… but playing anyone on NE other than Brady or Gronk is a bit of a dice roll.

I’m projected to win by ~5 with my kicker playing on Thursday.

His teams not to strong which is why I’m worried about dions floor vs buck allens. I feel buck has an 8pt floor dion could get the ol goose.

My WRs hogan, k allen, d funchess,
Cam at QB

Reports fornette out

Ivory > Dion Lewis right???

I believe id be between Dion and Forte. I wouldnt be happy with either haha. Miami isnt good against the pass, and that seems to be where Forte is excelling. Not and easy decision by any means.

If fornette is out, I fell Ivory is a must start.

i would play ivory if fournette is out and if not then would go with lewis i believe

help with mine