Help pick my starting WRs for the playoffs

I’ve scraped my to a 1st round bye and have had DJ Moore on my bench as a bye week fill in. Now I have to consider starting him over Keenan Allen in the playoffs.

Week 15:
Michael Thomas vs IND
Chris Godwin vs DET
DJ Moore vs SEA
Keenan Allen vs MIN

Week 16:
Michael Thomas vs TEN
Chris Godwin vs HOU
DJ Moore vs IND
Keenan Allen vs OAK

Assuming all these guys stay healthy, which 3 do you start in these weeks?

Wow that’s tough I think week 15 you should start Thomas, Godwin and DJ and week 16 just because of the matchup switch DJ for Keenan who always does well against the raiders. But either way man you really can’t go wrong not sure how the rest of your team looks but I think I’d put my money on you to win your league just seeing these 4 guys on your team

My WRs are definitely the heart of my team, which makes it that much more important to make the right decision.

QB: Russel Wilson
WR: MT13
WR: Godwin
RB: Lev Bell
RB: Singletary
TE: Andrews
FLEX: DJ Moore

BN: Ekeler
BN: Mostert
BN: Tarik Cohen
BN: Darrell Williams
BN: Keenan Allen
BN: Kyler Murray

I feel confident in my team but I also feel like I can make the wrong decision at every position on any given week.

you have MT and Godwin, all other WR’s are irrelevant. id maybe say dj moore however