HELP! Pick the team you would DRAFT!

Here are my settings

10 teams ½ pt PPR
4pt passing TD
(all other scoring is standard)
1 QB,2RB,3WR,TE, Flex(w/r/t),K,DST
6 Bench
Auction Draft -$200 budget

I have Kept Dalvin cook for $26 and Kerryon for $18.

So below is some rough ideas of lineups i may be able to draft with the budget of $156 i have left. I have toyed with the idea of spending big on TE and using cook and kerryon as my 1 and 2. Or i have a few scenarios where kerryon is my flex and cook my Rb2 and i spend big on a stud RB1. I also have some middle of the road approaches where maybe my bench is a little stronger. Keep in mind besides cook and kerryon any of these players are interchangable. I am not set on the NAMES per say. Those are just the players that are around the $$ i set aside for each position.

So if you were drafting this team. Which approach would you go with.
Or would you go with something different??

#1 Stud WR/Goodish RBs

WR3 (Tate Coutee,fitz)
Flex: Kerryon
TE Burton
Bench: (Lamar miller/David Montomery),(Fuller/anderson),(Ballage)

#2 Stud WR/Good RB/upside QB and TE

QB- Murray
RB1 Cook
WR1 (OBJ/Julio)
WR2( Boyd/golladay)
WR3 (Tate Coutee,fitz)
Flex- Kerryon
TE Henry

#3 Stud WR/ Stud TE

QB- Brees
RB1 Cook,
RB2 Kerryon
WR1 (OBJ/Julio)
WR2 (Boyd/golladay,)
WR3 (Tate Coutee,fitz),
Flex- Aaron Jones
TE- Kelce
Bench: (Lamar miller/David Montomery), (dede/geronimo),(Royce)

#4 Stud TE/Good WR/Good RB

RB1 Cook
WR1 TY Hilton
WR2 Boyd
WR3 (Tate Coutee,fitz)
Flex Kerryon
TE Kelce
Bench (Lamar miller/David Montomery)(Fuller/anderson)(Royce)

#5 Stud RB/Stud TE

QB- Brees
RB1 (Kamara/DJ)
RB2 Cook
WR1 (Bradin Cooks/Edelman)
WR2 (Dede/marvin)
WR3 (Tate Coutee,fitz)
Flex Kerryon,
TE Kelce
Bench (Funchess/gallup),(chris thompson/Jalen richard) (Marquise lee/John brown)

#6 Stud RB/Stud WR

QB- Brees
RB1 (Kamara/DJ)
RB2 Cook
WR1 (OBJ/Julio)
WR2 (Dede/marvin)
WR3 (Tate Coutee,fitz)
Flex -Kerryon
TE Burton
Bench: (breida/Mckinnon)(sanu/Albert wilson)(royce)

Either put in order options #1-#6 of how you like them or just comment your favorite #

This isn’t what you want… sorry.

Auction drafts especially, in my view, cannot be planned ahead.

Here’s what I would suggest as preparation:

  • find multiple auction value resources
  • create a budget for each position (be willing to deviate during draft based on circumstances)
  • practice (at least in the past I’ve found mock auctions)

#5 & #6 are your best ones. Depends if you want Kelce or OBJ/Julio.

Instead of Boyd/Golladay I’d look to try to get Godwin/Kupp/Moore. They play on better scoring offenses. Cin/Det I don’t see scoring many points this season.

Also, if you could get Pettis/Kirk/Samuel instead of Tate/Coutee/Fitz that would be more ideal too. Tate has a suspension (he’s fighting it though) and Coutee brings injury concerns. Fitz I like but i like the upside of the guys I mentioned more.

Team #5/6 just lack the bench depth the other teams have but I’d try to fill it with upside guys like Royce/Ballage/J. Hill/Singletary etc.

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@fun4willis i thank you for chiming in

I respectively disagree.
Yes it may seem like i am going at this like a Snake draft deciding what team looks best but that is not the case.

I am essential trying out different budgets. But for the flavor of this post i though it looked better to put approx players that appear in those values instead of putting
Bench -$10

This is my 7th year in a row in this auction keeper league so i have a pretty good idea of what i am doing(finished 2nd,4th,3rd,2nd,3rd,2nd over the last 6 years) but just cant get over the hump and win it all

So asking for your guys advice what strategy looks to be the best route. Yes i know i need to be very flexible and not target guys but target price points.

Honestly i would like to make a 3 page detailed post but i know no one will read it(i posted a similar post yesterday with crickets)(Help me get over the HUMP and win the Ship. Advice on draft day! Spend up on TE?) I have found this site to be very helpeful but outside of posting league scoring details and what not if you want multiple responses your posts need to be very short and easy to understand to get replies

So that is why i went with the visual PICK MY TEAM approach.

So hopefully that didn’t come off wrong or snappy at you that was not my intention. I def want your advice and help and if there is a better way to ask my question i would be more than happy to do that.

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All good, friend!

With finishes like those I would suggest you’re doing everything right. There is some luck involved in FF. Sometimes you make it to the playoffs and just don’t get the right bounce.

What has your strategy been? or has it evolved?

Regarding the players above that you’ve identified, I (personally) am concerned with Edelman, Tate, Fitz, Golladay, Aaron Jones, Dede and Geronimo. Do you have driving factors behind some of those players?

Further in a 10 team league, I would not have Brees on my draft board. There are 5 other guys that I assume you’re able to acquire for $1.


*Btw I edited this post… Just in case any league mates are on here… Haha *

There is also the added factor of keepers… Players not being available… Like no saquon, mccaffrey, thielen, Hopkins etc… Some of those guys are being kept that’s why you don’t ever see their names in my mocks… And that csn also drive prices different ways as if there is now only 2 elite RB instead of 7 well now those 8 teams are going to be spending more on the 2 elites than what normal auction sheets show. About 20 guys are being kept and they range all the way from a couple elites to some rb2 to some wr3 to some Te and QBs as well. This is why you can’t just show up with a ESPN auction sheet and hope you do wel at the draft… Lots of factors in this league adjusting prices.

Yeah I’m not set on brees at all… Honestly if I want to spend $3 or less on a QB I will have my pick of anyone not named Mahomes, rodgers, cam, wentz, baker

Who would you target at QB.?

Also ertz is already gone… And if I don’t want to spend $30+ on kelce or $20+ on kittle who would there be a TE you really like this year.?

Also I don’t really have any MY guys but I do have my rankings broken down into tiers.

So maybe what are a few RB2 AND WR2 names you like and what are your RB and WR bench flyers.?

Regarding Aaron Jones:
He’s in a committee. He’s has an “injury history”. If his ADP/draft cost was less, than great. But it’s not. I prefer Mack, Devonta Freeman, Jacobs, Ingram over Jones.

Regarding Fitz:
With a 16 player roster, I don’t have room for Fitz. There is hype for the Cardinals, but that hype does not translate to a top half offense. It means not last. The only players in AZ that I would touch are DJ and Kyler is he fell to a $1. Right now, NFC ADP has Murray ranked 14.

With the league only being 1 QB, I would not spend more than $1 and would be last to nominate/win at that position. Do many teams take more than one QB?

I would target:

WR2 I like:
Last/cheapest Rams WR
Allen Robinson

RB2 I like:
Tevin Coleman

RB and WR Flyers:
John Brown
Donte Moncrief
Justice Hill
Chase Edmonds

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Thanks for that analysis on those players

And for your suggestion on players.

Btw yes there are usually 5-6 teams who take 2Qbs and usually 3-4 that also take two TE.

I NEVER do this but some reason plp do.

Depending on when the draft is, I won’t draft a DST, Kicker, TE or QB. :crazy_face:

Yeah we can’t do that… We MUST draft at least 1 of each position and with some other rules that really makes sence for our league… But other leagues I like that strategy and just pick them up before week 1.

So while I have you… Then I’ll let tou go. Do any of those above #1-#6 budget scenarios stick out as better than the others… Obviously I know you would target a few different guys than on those lists(and again that is easily done with an auction)

But any of those strategies stick out as better than the rest or any of those you would Avoid? Or since its a 10 man league they all seem fine.?

in 2019 I would lean elite RB. WR seems deeper.

I think you can be a little more selective with TE. Ertz’s is falling due to regression talk. I’d target him at a discount.