Help picking Flex.... Lindsay, A.Jones, G. Allison, or Fournette "IF HE PLAYS"

So Im thinking I might have to sit Fournette this week… Because of that Im moving Michel to my RB2 slot…

Half Point PPR
My Options to flex are… P.Lindsay, A.Jones, G. Allison or L. Fournette “IF HE PLAYS”

Right now Im leaning towards Lindsay because of the high scoring in that game… But with Cobb out this week I think Allison can eat against Buffalo this week too…
0-3 Need a win this week

Bumpity bump bump

If Fournette is playing, it’s tough to not start him. Matchup vs. Jets is not a bad one either. Hyde had a nice game last week vs. Jets. If Fournette isn’t healthy and getting the start for sure, I like Allison since it’s PPR.

Yeah If fournette plays Im most likely putting him in… Im just trying to be ready so incase i need to make a change I Have a play i can fall back on… Allison you say? I like it… Why Allison over Lindsay? I love both options and could play them both (I have 2 flexes) but Im Playing Callaway and Im sticking to my guns on that one lol…

I say Allison over Lindsay bc it’s PPR and it’s a great matchup vs Buffalo at home, and it looks like Cobb is very questionable after missing practice today. Lindsay has a good matchup for sure, but I think Freeman gets a bigger share bc of Lindsay’s antics last week getting ejected and screwing over his team.

I mean Lindsay was named the “Start of the Week” lol

I’m starting Lindsay any league I have him. Game script will favor him and he’s here for redemption after last week. I can see him finishing as an RB1 on the week for sure.

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