Help - Play 2 of 3 - Kareem Debate

I need help figuring out who to play. Most of the season I’ve rolled 3 RB (Hunt, Gurley, and Gordon) but Hunt has been down and cost me 2 weeks now. So I need to know which 2 to play.

Diggs, Crowder, Hunt

Is it PPR or Standard?

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1/2 pt ppr

Man… I feel like Hunt is the right call but my gut is telling me Crowder.


I really feel like crowder is about to light it up this week. Hunt has kind of lost my trust for the time being.

Life long Cowboy fan here! The decision to me is simple… If Sean Lee DOESNT play, Crowder is a must start over Hunt (because of Hunt’s continued downward spiral). Even if Sean Lee plays, Crowder has been very solid since WAS lost Thompson.

Sean Lee is the absolute key to DAL defense though, hes out and this is a no brainer as far as match ups go.

yeah and my issue is basically hunt or diggs. Diggs has been snubbed the last few weeks with getting stuck at 8-10 points and I feel like he’s due. But Hunt could go off. Right now i’m definitely leaning 3 wrs and benching hunt since i’m 9-3 and can get playoffs anyway, and likely have the bye.

Oh my bad I totally missed you were looking for 2 of the 3. This is tough but I think I go Diggs. Atlanta should put up some points forcing Minnesota to throw.

Hard to trust Hunt at this point.

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I would go with Hunt and Crowder. Crowder has been really good since coming back healthy and the Cowboys have been awful on defense - see the comment about Sean Lee. As a Jets fan, I can tell you their run defense is not what it was the past couple of years. Also, they have had trouble covering running backs out of the backfield this year.