Help please, Mixon Trade

I was offered Mixon for my Gurley, Logan Thomas, and a 3rd pick. Do I take this? This is Dynasty Format, standard league.

So I can understand, you were offer Mixon (receiving) for Gurley, Logan Thomas, and a 3rd round pick (giving away)?

If that is the trade, I would not under any circumstances accept this.

Mixon, as it stands right now, is worth Gurley straight up maybe, but he is not worth all 3 of those.

In dynasty Mixon carries a decent amount of value. I don’t think it’s that bad an offer to be honest.

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I think that’s a fair deal

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To clarify my view, in dynasty I feel a third round is a pick that is probably more likely to amount to nothing than something. Logan Thomas is getting targets through two weeks but hasn’t done much with it. He’s maybe valuable long term but maybe not.

Mixon I expect has a longer expiration date than Gurley


I would do this.

Mixon may be struggling right now but once Burrow starts playing to his potential and defenses can’t just stack the box every play, Mixon is going to emerge as a high RB1 and will remain so for the next few years.

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Well, there was the issue with my advice. I completely missed this was dynasty.

I apologize @jaguileraroh not paying attention and giving bad advice.

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No worries guys. I also have Hurst and Dalton Schultz at TE. This would replace my loss in Barkley for this season. I’m also looking at trading Barkley and Cooks for Moss and Mike Thomas. I have CEH, Gibson, Henderson, Akers, and Freeman already at RB.