Help please. Need to pick 3 out of 4

Help me pick 3 out of 4. C Davis / Lockett / e sanders / Kupp. PPR thanks.

Davis, Sanders, Kupp

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I agree. Sanders, Davis, Kupp

Keep an eye on Baldwin if he really is injured then maby Lockett . But agree with the others rite now . Davis kupp and Sanders

I’m going to Zig on this one and go C Davis, Sanders, and Lockett. I’m a big fan of Lockett’s new contract he got today, I think it’s a sign of good faith by the Seahawks that they chose to invest that kind of money into him. Plus, the Baldwin story that’s unfolding could swing in his favor if he misses any time this season.

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Kupp is probably in line for close to if not more than double digit TDs. He is Goff’s fav red zone target and is in line to eat with Watkins gone. Cooks is not a red zone guy, never has been. It’s between Kupp and Gurley and Kupp is going to be a reception monster out of the slot. He’s the next Edelman.

I like locket too, and money is nice, but I like proven production more. Especially when its from one of the leagues top offenses.

Davis sander kupp