Help please team strengthening

I have d Johnson, l Bell, m Ingram, M Gordon, Singletary, and Edmunds as a hand cuff. In my league it’s a super flex with a flex and TE has a 1.5 PPR premium. I have Engram and Graham. Also, who would you pick Mattison, M Brown or Pollard as a bench stash if you had to pick one.?

Would you trade away Melvin Gordon and Graham for Kittle and TY Hilton?

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For the bench stash, I’d go Hollywood because if you need to start someone, he plays. The other 2 are waiting for an injury to have significant production.
With all the injuries of the 49rs runblockers, they may go 2 TE sets as blockers to preserve Jimmy G. Maybe they can overcome, but that seems like a huge hit to the top running team. Two days ago I would’ve said " absolutely". But I’m not so sure now. Kittle was the trophy in that deal imo. If they need him to block he obviously loses value

Yeah I’m taking the shot because then I’ll be able to run both Engram and Kittle week by week. I don’t think it will hinder him too much. Wanted to sell Melvin while he was still high

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I hope you’re right about Kittle. He helps keep the defense honest. I have Brieda. If they can keep Kittle going, they should be able to keep Matt chugging too

Even if they do use him blocking more it will open up the PA. Shanahan knows how to run the ball they will be fine. Plus their schedule is crap

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