Help please with RB situation for this week!

My normal starters are Joe Mixon and Tevin Coleman. I have Kerryon Johnson and Phillip Lindsey on the bench. Do I sit Mixon in favor of Lindsey going up against the 32nd ranked rush stop tonight? I am 5-1 so I could just go with my normal starters who got me to this point but your input for this week would be appreciated!

Dont try to get cute, just play your best players. Lindsey is still in a RBBC and on a much worse team in a match up with a 40 point over/under. Mixon is a work horse RB on a good offense in a game with I believe the highest over/ under of the week. If you really wanted to play Lindsey I’d play him over Coleman.

So would you start Lindsey or Coleman if you were in my situation? I like Coleman only because the Giants are a complete utter mess but I do believe Odell Beckham jr will have a hay day against the Falcons defense

I would probably go Coleman still.