Help! Question about Bench Size for Dynasty

Hey all,

We will be converting our keeper league to dynasty next year. Starting roster size for our 8-team league will be as follows 2QB/2RB/3WR/1TE/3FLEX
Wondering what you guys would suggest for bench size? We would like a deep enough bench to develop players and our league is very competitive so there are no worries if the ww is a bit bare. I look forward to hearing your opinions.:pray:


For an 8 team league, I would recommend a minimum roster size of 26 + 3-5 Taxi + 1-2 IR. You have 11 starters so need the depth.


Sorry , just to clarify, does the minimum you mentioned include the 11 starters in the calculation ?

Yeah, the 26 is starters + bench.

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thanks for the input!