Help quick before tonight’s game! Big trade!

I trade: Evans Saquon Andrews

I receive: CMC TY Hilton Hooper

Current lineup
Gordon (Off bye)

I wanna say yes because youd get cmc but with kupp being down i think that actually might hurt you to much at WR with lockett coming off injury and with hooper not even really being useful for weeks still

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Tough call honestly though CMC is cheat codes

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I’m struggling with the decision. I do have Kirk and Samuel as my 4/5 WR. But yeah it’s tough lol

Wish i could be more decisive for you but i think the TE drop off would hurt alot anyone good available on waivers?

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I scooped Ryan Griffin yesterday.

You believe TY comes back and balls? if you think that and believe griffin is going to be a TE1 the rest of the way then i say you do it. Big risk but could be a major change up that works for the team. Playoff bound or still questioning?

6-5 right now and in the 6 seed and the opponent who offered me the trade is the guy I’m facing :joy:

Wow man that adds so much more trouble to it all dang flip of a coin i guess. I dont know if i could turn down getting cmc but lucky for me I drafted him lol

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Lol unfortunately I had the 10th pick

9 other people passed on Saquon Barkley? Wow… I mean it clearly worked out for them but Barkley was a pretty firm #1 overall guy

No I traded for Barkley when he got injured. DeVonta Freeman and Russell Wilson