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Help rate my dynasty team


I need some help in a dynasty league with my team. Who should I try to Trade? Thin at RB and want some help there. I have a lot of boom or bust guys and need to find some consistency. Full ppr. Qb gets 6 for touchdown and -4 per int. Small rosters for dynasty.

Russell Wilson
Toddler Gurley
Marshall Lynch
Sammy Watkins
Keenan Allen
Gregor Olsen
Tyree Hill
Marvin Jones

Carey Cole man
Laquon Treadwell
Kevin White
Tyler Boyd
Chris Conley
Jonathan Williams
Jamaal Williams
Aaron Jones
Josh Gordon


I can’t tell if the misspelled names are for real, or just jokes…

Nontheless, I’d wait a bit before trying to trade for an RB. You’ll probably get better value on an RB for one of your WR’s if another team has a top guy go down with injury.

If you MUST trade for an RB, I would try to deal Treadwell, Boyd or Coleman to a team with no youth, or Olsen to a team trying to win now for an RB and TE downgrade.

There’s also the waiver wire option if the rosters are that small. Who is available as a FA?


The name misspellings are a mystery to me as well. Maybe autocorrect.

Best available rbs
J. Rodgers

They all feel like I’m reaching. Maybe Rodgers can hold Martin off but I don’t have much faith in the others.


I’d pick up Rodgers for sure and play him for the first three games of the season, then flip him to the Martin owner.


Maybe too late now but I would drop easily rather have Rodgers, McFadden, and Turbin over Josh Gordon. I bet there are other WRs on waivers I’d rather have too.


Ok so I have a trade question in relation to this team! Should I trade Tyreek Hill and Corey Coleman for Dez?

I would start Dez, Keenan, Sammy for sure each week then.


I would absolutely do that. The Chiefs are in over their heads thinking Tyreek is a reliable #1.


I would do that.