Help rate my team, weaknesses?

Qb- Josh Allen
Wr- davante Adams, ab, locket, dj Moore, Marvin Jones, Sutton
Rb- devonta freeman, Josh Jacobs, singeltary, Murray, penny
Te- engram.

Why do you guys think??

…1pt ppr!

I’m going to be nit-picky because that’s what I would want of my team… You’re VERY unproven and lots of unknowns at RB. You have a back that struggles to stay healthy (Freeman), Jacobs and Singletary (Rookies), Murray (new team and he’s not Mark Ingram), and you’ve got Penny who’s a back-up.

Your strength is at WR, you’ve got a sold 1 & 2 and dependent on matchups, you’re going to be playing Lockett, Moore, or Jones in your flex each week.

So…what would I do…I’m packaging a couple guys for a little more depth at RB. Maybe one of those 3 WR’s with Penny to the Carson owner? I’m not a believer in Sutton. I’d imagine there’s better options on the WW than him.

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I agree. You need to try to package a receiver or two with a back to try to upgrade over one of your rb’s. you have good depth at wr for sure, but if freeman stays healthy, you still have a lot of questions and unknowns in your other rb’s. See who owns Kenny G and/or Curtis Samuel/Chris carson and if things line up try to send over moore, jones and/or penny? get creative, it makes it fun!