HELP - RB Desperate!

Well my team has hit another injury bug. I lost Henry and now just lost Edmonds. I need a RB badly.

K Herbert
J Jefferson
V Jefferson
Back up QB (stream)

I need to get some wins, who are some valuable RB to try and get.

I’d probably ride AP and Booker until Saquon returns. If you’re really desperate you could trade for someone but it’s probably going to cost you more than the perceived reliability gain is worth in real math above a waiver selection. You’d have to package someone like Jefferson down and his value isn’t peak right now.

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Appreciate the input! Booker will be on bye next week and I’m sure Saquon will be back by week 11. Yeah I figure I’m going to have to package up Jefferson. Just not quite sure who to target in a package.

Happy to help.

If you don’t have Saquon, trading Booker to that owner for a RB3/flex piece may still be viable especially if you have another small piece to throw in. I was able to do Herbert/Booker for Javonte last week in one league to the Montgomery owner after explaining that I expected Herbs to be involved still once Monty returns (true).

Yeah, unfortunately the two owners with Saquon and Monty have less RB depth than me. The Saquon owner has Hines, Ahmed and Gibson. The Monty owner has Singletary, Gainwell, Michel and Ronald Jones

Jaret Patterson I think should be owned in case Washington shut Gibson down soon. Also Ty Johnson is likely available and he’s not going to win you games but could put out a fire for a week.

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Thanks dude! I’ll make some waiver claims. No one in my league trades, so it makes it hard.