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Help! Roster Makeup Question


1/2 PPR Dynasty league (Start 2 RB’s, 3 WR’s and 1 Flex)- I have DJ as my top back but then my RB2 is either Gore, West and McFadden (I don’t have Zeke so only for a couple weeks… maybe not even) Will this be good going forward for the season or should I target a better RB and use my strong WR’s as a trade piece? (Green, DT, Crabtree and Marshall) That will leave me really thin at WR though… (Next best is Stills) Thanks for the help #Footclan!


I’d want better RB2 options. Marshall is a sell candidate for me. General rule of thumb: sell gets in season, sell rookies/picks in the off season. Obviously, there are exceptions, but in general, that’s when their respective values are highest.