Help! Roster Overhaul w/ Lowest Pts Scored

The season keeps getting worse. Looking for any recommendations here. Close to blowing it up as I haven’t eclipsed 100pts once in a half-PPR.

QBs: J.Allen, P.Rivers
RBs: L.Bell, L.Fournette, D.Montgomery, D.Singletary, M.Brown (LAR)
WRs: T.Hill, S.Watkins, C.Ridley, J.Brown, M.Jones, C.Sutton, N.Agholor
TEs: H.Henry, T.Hockenson

Thanks, Footclan

I’d probably try and get Andrews or Waller if you can. That’ll open up two bench spots for waivers too. I’m personally not a huge fan of Fournette so if you’re indifferent you might be able to flip him for someone like Jacobs or even Mixon. Marlon Mack might be available for trade since he was injured last week too.

For WRs, I’d try to cash in on Agholor this week and you might be able to include Sutton, Brown, or Jones as additions to trades. Someone like Kupp or Fitz or Golladay would be solid and probably get-able if you pair some players together. You can also decide to cash in on Hill or Watkins. I’d keep one of them (Watkins personally), but you might be able to do something like Hill for Mixon or even Hill for Kupp if you think the immediate help is better.

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Appreciate the feedback, @ryan_mclaughlin!

I’ve tried dealing for Andrews and Waller the last few weeks - owners ain’t budging unless i significantly overpay and not in a position to do so.

I could care less about Fournette, have been trying to flip him for weeks. Will try with the Mack owner again. I like Mack’s high PFF grade - thank he’s a nice, underrated player still.

The Hill-Watkins debate is something i have been trying to figure out for weeks…

Good luck out there! I think you have some good value on your team. Just depends what the other owners need I suppose. Week 3 was kinda a weird one too so people might be overreacting to players who had big games that won’t usually score so much.

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