Help Set my lineup -- MUST WIN this week to make playoffs

PPR League. Our 6 team playoffs start next week and I’m right on the edge of that 6th spot. If I’m to make it in, I HAVE to get a win this week. So I need everyone’s help more than ever. Here’s my lineup:

QB: Brees
RB: David Johnson
RB: Aaron Jones
WR: Davante Adams
WR: Michael Thomas
TE: Ertz
Flex: Robert Woods // Joe Mixon, Kenny Golladay
K: Zurlein
Defense: Chiefs // Broncos (Packers also available on WW)

As you can see, my major decisions lie with my Flex and my Defense. I feel like a wild card position like Defense can really give me an edge if I choose wisely. Also having trouble deciding between 4 players – DJ, Woods, Mixon, Golladay – for 2 spots.

Please weigh in on this lineup and lead me to victory! All help is appreciated.

since you already have DJ in your roster i would go golladay and woods. a D i would choose the chiefs. Good luck and go get those playoffs

I probably didn’t make it clear, the two spots I’m having trouble with is one of the RB spots (currently occupied by DJ) and my Flex. I listed DJ as one of the 4 players because Mixon is also in consideration for a Flex or perhaps DJ’s RB spot.

sorry, I would still go dj over mixon unless maybe ppr since mixon may get checkdowns

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It’s all good. I appreciate the input! Anyone else have thoughts?

Damn this is so tough, but you have good players to choose from so that’s always a good problem to have haha.

I honestly think I’d bench Mixon and Golladay. DJ and Woods are safer to me imo.

Both Ds have very favorable matchups. Honestly think I’d go with KC because we know how Oakland is with the system they’re running. Obviously there’s always great potential playing Denver against a new QB, but I think KC is safer and Oakland is still very fun to have a D go up against lol

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I would keep DJ in your RB1 spot and put Mixon in your Flex. Start KC D. As for my reason not to play Robert Woods, this could be a Gurley game. Also Robert Woods > Kenny Golladay.

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It is tough :sob: And this is after I dumped some other depth via trades earlier. I hate having to pick, but you’re right, good problem to have.

My lineup is currently as listed in the original post. I hate benching Mixon after such an awesome week last week, but my thinking is, with a rookie QB playing against a hot Defense, he could quickly get phased out of the game. This is also my worry with DJ, getting phased out of the game. But he is more involved with passing game so the opportunities are still there.

I like Woods because of his safe floor. And yeah the Defense is a coin flip probably. Leaning Chiefs as well though. Also can’t discount Packers still lingering out there.

Ya I’m pretty nervous playing Mixon this week but I gotta roll with him (could definitely be in a worse situation). I think DJ is safer, he’s their best option compared to 2nd or 3rd best option for Mixon in Cincy if Green is there.

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