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Help set my lineup team is 1-4


Pick 2 for rb 2 for reciever 1 flex. Demarco Murray doug martin alvin kamara aaron jones. Keenan allen crabtree davante adams.


I would go doug martin for sure, then prolly aaron jones, at wr i would stay away from crabtree till carr is back, at fex i would go other rb, gl man


Forgot to add flex

Flex: Kamara


I’m probably one of the few DeMarco believers left. I would go Murray and Martin at rb and then all three of your receivers.


I forgot the flex so yes I’d roll Murray out against IND. I am doing it in my league so might as well live the advice I’m giving.


for me it’d either be Martin, Kamara, Jones, Allen, Crabtree or Martin, Jones and all 3 wrs. Demarco is garbage this year!


I definitely agree with:

Martin / Murray

Allen / Adams

Flex: Crabtree

Crabtree had a good week last week and someone has to catch the ball even if Carr is out so I have faith in him. He was dropped in my league and I picked him up this morning off waivers. I have him locked in my flex without a doubt. Kamara is sexy pick to me but even with Peterson gone I think I want to see it happen one more week before I lock him in the flex. That being said, I would trust your own gut as to which of the two you like better.


I just have a concern with murray he has been killing me all season


U are my concern with lhis line up is with murray. He has been killing me all season. But has better matchup than Martin. Kamara has added value with out peterson. And has a td in each of last 2 games so tuff call. Plus at 1-4 I have no more margin for error.