Help setting my line up asap

Fellas, 0.5 ppr, 2rb 2wr 1flex 1te 1k 1dst
My team currently is:
Lamar Jackson
Kamara, Cook
Kupp, Hopkins
Flex rn is: Singletary
Jake Elliott

My bench:
Guice, david Johnson, Powell, manny sanders and deebo

What do you think? Would you change anything?
Cook is banged up, singletary has a tough matchup…

I like your line up a lot - ridiculously strong team. I’d be tempted to change the D but otherwise that looks like a championship winning team!

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That looks good cook is playing. I had Elliot I dropped him for Bailey gunna be a windy game on Monday night

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Man im in love with this team lol and i started the season 1-4! Won 6 of the last 7 games…
My trades were good, ended up getting kamara at his lowest value(injured), kupp after he goosed, and ive finessed the waivers. Anyway, the other good D/STs are taken. I managed to get the jaguars(vs chargers) but im not sure how much of a upgrade would it be over the jets

Good to know, if i can get another K if a good matchup i will try and grab him

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I’d go with Powell over Singletary just do to matchup and a different kicker weather might be bad everything else is great

fellas, just wanted to say it all worked out and i won by 6pts. Had kupp x carson playing last night, and that kupp TD saved my season. Thanks for the help, especially the Kicker tip, because i picked up Koo and his 18pts haha