Help! Should I accept this trade?

Hey guys, been getting trade offers left and right for Adam Thielen in my 1/2PPR league the last few days and I’m not sure if I am getting hosed or not on this one. (For reference I also have Antonio Brown and Davante Adams and my RBs are a jumbled mess of Marshawn Lynch, Kerryon Johnson, Royce Freeman, and Buck Allen)

What I would trade:

  • Adam Thielen
  • Marshawn Lynch
  • Latavius Murray

What I would receive:

  • LeSean McCoy
  • Julian Edelman
  • Randall Cobb

Thanks guys for all of the advice!

Absolutely not. McCoy is hurt now, and with more stuff coming out about his alleged abuse of his ex stay away. Thielen and Lynch are more valuable than McCoy at this moment


I’m not taking this trade.

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I wouldnt do it. You’re giving up thielen and lynch(os gets 20 touches a game) for a guy thats banged up in a dumpster fire(bills ofense) and a guy thats coming froma suspension, with gronk hogan josh gordon and the passa catching rbs on the team

You can get better value for thielen, especially in a ppr league

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Not a chance at all. McCoy won’t be his normal self this year I don’t think and Thielen is better than Edelman I think. Cobb isn’t worth trading for personally. Stand pat

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I agree with everyone. No

Please, by all the football gods, do not take this trade. If you are going to use Thielen to bolster your RB core (which is a good idea), you need to be receiving top tier talent like Gordon, McCaffrey, or Saquon.

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Thanks everyone. I wasn’t planning on accepting the trade I just wanted to double check I wasn’t making a mistake. Sadly McCoy is the best RB offer I have received for Thielen.

I appreciate you guys.