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HELP! Standard Draft trade proposal question


I have the 10th pick in my standard (10 man) draft which gives me pick 10,11,30,31. The guy with the 2nd pick (2,9,22,39) proposed me a trade… I would receive his second pick (Leveon Bell) and 39th pick. He would receive my 11th pick and 30th pick.

With the trade I would have pick 2,10,31,39 and the other guy would have 11,19,22,30. I think I am ready to pull the trigger because starting my draft with Bell and Nelson or Green would be amazing, but my RB2/WR2 would be a little weaker… What does everyone think.


If you can move up and snag Lev Bell or David Johnson it’s a no brainer. Pull the trigger!


Do it now!

The difference between the start and end of the 1st round is way more than the difference from the start to the end of the third round. The wrs and rbs in the third are pretty interchangeable; I hate that part of the draft because there’s a solid chance that the guy you’d draft at the top of the third would be available at the end of the third anyway. So that’s absolutely perfect for you. Jump on it.


Thanks guys for the reassurance!


100% agree with @Kaiser comment. I would take it also