Help! Sticking Situation

Myself and a good friend of mine are in a 12 team 1/2 PPR league. I am ranked 3rd and he is right behind me at 4th going into the playoffs. We are on opposite sides of the bracket and we are both big Broncos fans. After this week he agreed to trade me Phillip Lindsay and Josh Allen for Joe Mixon and Austin Ekeler. Normally I would not have done this trade but I have really good RB depth and I needed a backup QB (my RBs are Barkley, Chubb, Aaron Jones, Lindsay, and Kerryon Johnson and my QB is Aaron Rodgers). We both really like Lindsay because he plays for the Broncos and has been really solid and I was willing to take a minor hit in a trade if it meant I got to cheer even more so for my team. However, my friend is now trying to guilt trip me into reversing the trade to give him Lindsay back. I feel like its worse for him and I want to keep Lindsay but I also feel really bad. What do I do?

Bench Rodgers and play Allen, rock your 30 jersey play Lindsay and get a playoff dub… no guilt trip