Help, Struggling for 2nd RB

So I have a collection of misfit toys - Ajayi, K Williams, Crowell, D Martin for my 2nd RB. Who to start?

Go ajayi. He has big play potential at least

TLDR (too long didn’t read): play Ajayi

K Williams: Starting RB this week, doesn’t participate in passing game, so depends on scoring format. Titans have an okay run defense.

Ajayi: In a committee on a high powered offense. The way to beat the rams is on the ground and 1 is projected to score but there is just no telling if it will be Ajayi or Blount.

Martin: Hasn’t been great recently, coming off a concussion & Payton Barber looks better. Coaches may be more willing to switch them out if Martin isn’t producing now. That being said, he has a great matchup against Lions.

Crowell: vs GB is supposed to be a shootout. A hard to watch shootout at that with 2 not so great QBs and 2 terrible defenses. With the browns trying to feature Josh Gordon as their knight in shining armor, I don’t think Crowell does much this game.

Which one do you feel most comfortable with after this?

I personally decided to roll out Ajayi as my RB2 and hope that he has some breakout plays against a rams DST with very good cornerback play which makes it hard to pass consistently even for Carson Wentz. Now that the Seahawks have shown that the Eagles passing game can be controlled, other teams will be eyeing that game tape to do the same thing.

It’s ppr 1pt with 6 for TD. I was leaning Ajayi but his use scares me. Crowell will get a lot of touches so was narrowing down to those two

I don’t remember who Crowell playing but K Williams is the only running back AND they like to run…I think he is safest

I’d go with Crowell