Help take my roster to the next level

I am currently 2-3 in a full-PPR 12 team league and want to raise my teams production. I am confident in both my depth and weekly starters but need to squeeze ever out every point I can get my hands on. Thanks to an unlucky string of matchups I have the 2nd highest points against, which Ive leveraged into decent waiver pickups. Here’s my roster:

QBs: TB12 & Jamies Winston

RBs: Le’Veon Bell(IR slot), James Conner, Alex Collins, Phillip Lindsay & Ty Montgomery
WRs: Mike Evans, Adam Thielen, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Emmanuel Sanders, Julian Edelman, Geronimo Allison, Keke Coutee & Christian Kirk
TEs: Kyle Rudolph & OJ Howard(IR slot)
DST: NE(stream)

Weekly Lineup requirements: QB, 2xRB, 3xWR, TE, (RB/WR/TE flex), DST

Outside of making a waiver claim for Smallwood, what kind of packages do you guys recommend I make for an upgrade for my RB2 spot?

Well you’re just stacked at WR so it’s a matter of moving some of those guys.

keep for championship for you is basically Evans, Theilen.
Highest Value in a 1 off trade is JuJu or Sanders

Keke+Geronimo is your lowest package to get an RB but it won’t be a top RB.

JuJu or Sanders for an RB might work. Always depends on your league and how many teams are too full at RB and too low at WR. There’s never a sell this guy for this guy that works across leagues. The easiest trades are one that you sell overstock for their overstock.

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Wow you’re in a great spot. Superb team and depth to work with here.

You need another RB. You should keep Bell/Conner, Thielen, Juju, and Evans for now, but anyone who isn’t any of those (perhaps also Evans and Juju) can be part of a package to upgrade at RB.

I think Collins + Allison or similar could land you D Freeman before this weekend. Then you could choose what to do with him afterward, but might be a quick cheap way to upgrade to a fantastic matchup which could immediately amplify D Freeman’s value significantly. I’d probably use that to upgrade again to a Saquon or Zeke-type.

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Thanks, the easiest RB opportunity I see in my league is Fournette, obviously comes with a ton of risk, but the owner is 0-5 and also owns Dalvin Cook. But I think its reasonable to believe he’ll be back in time for playoffs.

It wouldn’t be too much risk if I could offer Conner as a win this week plus Sanders?

I really like this line of thinking

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Well I don’t like the idea of selling for the un-known but Conner + someone for cook might work is the guy needs the win off conner this week. Dalvin might play (no news on his injury so he’s hard to judge).

if you can pull screen shots of the 2-3 teams struggling at RB it’s easier to judge what i’d at least offer.

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Here’s 0-5



And fellow 2-3(I also just blew him out this week)

ick 3 wr + 2rb w/ flex makes this way harder. I mean the 2-3 is the one that needs the player more. The dude with Hopkins and Beckham can kinda keep rolling. I’d probably target kerryon, but idk what it would cost. That way though you might be able to keep conner for this week. Like maybe Collins + Allison for Kerryon. it’s not a big improvement but gets you out of the mess that collins is. Lindsay and Conner/Bell are your RB 1 and 2 right now.

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