Help! Thinking of taking a HUGE risk!

I love T.Y. but everywhere I turn his outlook appears bleak this week. I lost last week partially because of his sad 2.9 points (PPR league). I’m actually considering putting in Kupp because I’d rather have 6-9 points instead of Hilton repeating another 2 or 3 points. I know Hilton can produce but out of 6 weeks, he’s only had 2 games over 20 points, the other 4 games have been 8 points or less. Should I take the risk with Kupp and pray he gives me 10? Or stick with T.Y.? :confounded: P.S. I’m facing the only undefeated team this week so I’m extra anxious :unamused: Lol

ETA: last week I had TY - 2.9pts Hogan - 2.9pts and Ellington 0! It was a rough week lol Three guys in my starting lineup gave me 6 points

Stick with T.Y.

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I have TY too and I’m thinking of trading him instead of dropping him, but don’t know who would take him or who to go for

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It’s sad right? I’m not a brissett fan and with luck not coming back as soon as we hoped? Ugh


I would still go with TY

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