Help to improve team

So I recently made a trade for MT and lost a lot of my rb depth but now I’m left in a bit of a jam since I’m not sure of conner’s value going forward. Do you guys think I should trade for a RB with a safer floor than Jones? Or just stick with this team and wait it out for a few more weeks? Current record is 3-2 and league is 0.5 ppr.


You’re deep at WR. You might be able to get a good RB for Kupp.

Do you think I could package kupp and jones and Conner for bell or is that too much?

I’m personally staying away from the Pit RBs. I kind of want to see if they can get past Cincy 1st. If Pit can’t make the playoffs, will that effect how they use their RB? I don’t want that headache. I think Kupp is a solid Flex and prefer to see if Jones steps up, versus dealing with Bell/Conner. If you could package Jones and Conner for 1 back… that’s where I’d go if you want to move off them. This is the year of QB and WR so keep that strength. You have Gurley so another RB is a nice thought, but your team should be solid as is ROS. Lockett, Cooper, Davis I’d be packaging with Conner to upgrade my #2 RB and hold on Jones

Thanks guys I really appreciate your input! I do like jones ROS as well, I just don’t think mike McCarthy feels the same way. I’m going to try as you suggested and see if I can package these guys together to get another rb.

Upside of Jones is worth holding on to. We’re hitting bye weeks and Conners and some of your lesser WR could bring in a solid #2. I’d be ok targeting a Breida/Lindsay/K Johnson type with Gurley and Your WR you have. You don’t not Barkley with Gurley on this squad to do well. :wink: