Help! Trad Offer on tabale & Potential Offers

14 team Standard League. 2RB,2WR,1 flex. 7-2 on the season.

QB: Fitzmagic & Stafford
RB: C.McCafefery, Ekeler, Royce Freeman, J. Richard
WR: AB, Cooks, T.Locket, Doug Baldwin
TE: Trey Boo Boo

Kinda freaked out about relying on those options to be my RB2. If you have any ideas let me know. Appreciate the help!

  1. Got offered Nick Chubb for Cooks. Would you make that move? McCaffery & Chubb with AB and Lockett or Baldwin sounds good to me.

  2. Would you look into moving AB for a WR2 AND RB2 combo? Or maybe AB for a mid-low teir RB1 straight up?

See if you can get Chubb for Freeman and Baldwin.

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Like this package offer mentioned above. Definitely wouldn’t trade AB away.

If the Gordon owner wants Ekeler, I’d go there first to get the RB2. I’d want to hold Cooks. I don’t really trust either Seattle WR and would try to trade them away

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