HELP! Trade of Cooper/Agholor for Dion Lewis/Buck Allen?

Do I accept a trade of Amari Cooper and Agholor for Dion Lewis and Buck Allen? It’s a PPR league. I am 9-1 so this is for the playoffs…

I would 100 percent do it. Dion lewis looks good, but it’s hard to trust a patriot RB, and buck allen’s stock will drop to nothing once woodhead is back. Amari cooper and agholor are solid WR and would be at worst a WR2 every week imo

I wouldn’t do it. I don’t like giving up 2 RB’s for 2 WR’s and if you look at the trade for what it is–Cooper for Lewis–I believe in Lewis more. You already have one hit/miss receiver in Hill and I doubt you’ll ever play Agholor over other guys on your roster.