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HELP! Trade Offer for 1.01 Overall in Redraft


Full PPR 1-keeper league. 1QB 2RB 2WR 1TE 1Flex(rb,wr,te) d/st idp

SO. I have pick 1.01 with mike evans as a keeper as pick 2.05. my third round pick is 3.11

Offer i have Received:

I get:
Pick 1.06 (none of the top 6 are being kept)
Pick 2.02 (only Michael Thomas, Shady, and Evans are being kept later than this pick)

They get:
Pick 1.01 (david Johnson)
Pick 3.11 (as of right now might see if he would do my 4th round pick)

Is it finally worth giving up David Johnson.

No trade (3 picks in top 35 picks but have david johnson)…Dj Evans and say Mccaffrey

accept trade (3 picks in top 17)…Evans Julio Dez or something very similar

Have had 2 other offers similar but not as good as this that yall told me to turn down.

Im leaning yes as long as nothing changes and will be a definitely yes if its my 4th over 3rd.

Let me know!


With required 2 RBs and the loss of your 3rd rounder you could have a huge positional advantage at WR, but be crippled at RB. Take Julio and keep Evans, but take an RB like Miller/Crowell as your 2.06.


Evans is my keeper at 2.05. I would be picking at 2.02. Little early for Miller who im not high on and Crowell who i like but wouldnt take until 3/4th round

And crippled at RB technically. With backs like Gillislee woodhead abdullah gore riddick backs like that in the later rounds could balance my team well assuming one or two hits and is at least an rb2


You are required 2, so yeah crippled on bye weeks, injury, or if someone busts.

I really don’t understand why people don’t like Miller. Last season the QB play was so bad he had a stacked box in 3 WR sets and safetys that cheat forward and blitz the running lanes with 2 WR sets. He had no chance and still finished top 20. He also now has a QB that will throw him the ball and an upgraded O-line.

That being said, yeah I was assuming a lot of RBs are being kept. I would go best available.
1.06 = Jones
2.02 = Best RB available.


Im not high on miller because he wasnt efficient last year and i dont think QB play is drastically improved. Also they drafted foreman who could possibly take away Td’s aka all of millers upside


I mean I just disagree on Miller. He was inefficient because of what I said above. Doesn’t take much better QB play to pull the safetys back and prevent a stacked box on 3 WR sets. .
Last season was the worst YPC of his career. His career average is 4.5 (not great not bad), but with the 268 carries he got last season he has opportunity. I am not saying he will be amazing, but i have him for 1100+ yds and 40 receptions for an additional 280+ yds. Who knows on TDs. Disagree?


I mean i agree he had his worst year of his career and most likely will be better than that. 14th off the board good tho??? thats my argument


@Guinness do you agree i should take the trade tho? regardless who i take at the 14th pick haha


Yeah I think there is a little more upside available with the trade than without it.

@Ndorsey5, I don’t think we are that far off, sorry I like arguing, lol. This is a keeper league though, so he isn’t really the 14th. Potentially he is the 26th (14th plus 12 keepers).


@Guinness no worries so do i haha. I like and appreciate your input. I mean technically you can argue that.

Keepers are all over the draft board but are the following:
Winston Carr Landry Eifert Diggs Olsen M.Thomas Shady Kelce Demarco Evans.

So only 3 or 4 of these picks would go above or around that 2.02 spot


Oh hey maybe you could grab Howard or Freeman!


Freeman i would for sure. Howard ehhhh…would maybe take gronk jordy or dez/cooper over howard


Your draft.


How is David Johnson not being kept is my only question? lol


cant keep first round picks in my league. +1 round penalty


I like this rule, same in my league.


yeah i like it too, makes it more fun to draft when not all the studs are off the board from keepers