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Help! Trade offer: My McCoy, JJ Nelson for AJ Green


I’m trying to free a spot on my roster to pick up a kicker! I dropped my kicker to pick up Pryor. Now I’m trying to do a 2 for 1 to open up my spot.

My RBs: McCoy, Hunt, Gurley, Mixon, Carson, Abdullah, and Kelley

My WRs: Jordy, Garcon, Demaryius, Benjamin, JJ Nelson and Pryor


Im in the minority but I’m not high on AJ green. I know theres a new OC coordinator so that will pump them temporarily, but nothing looks good there. Mccoy will get volume. I see your scenario though with 2 good RBs, is there a flex??

Also why would you have to give up JJ nelson? mccoy is even value for Green. At least Mccoy has shown he can be good this year.


I dropped my kicker to pick up Pryor, now I’m doing a 2 for 1 to open up a roster spot for a kicker. It’s a 3 WR league plus a flex spot, since I would have to drop someone for my kicker this trade is basically McCoy for AJ Green. Would you still deny this trade?


I’m not high on AJ either… would rather have McCoy I think


I would not trade McCoy & JJ Nelson for AJ Green. Good RBs are very limited and hard to come by and you should keep your RBs.

If this was me, I would drop Rob Kelley since you have a very solid RB trio with McCoy, Hunt, and Gurley alone.


Oh Man!!! I would DEFINITELY have to shun that one. Green’s a monster, granted, but so is Shady. And I think JJ is fixin’ to be knocking on that STUD CLUB door by the end of the year. AJ alone just doesn’t strike me as enough of an offer. See who else they’ve got and maybe counter. BUT…It would still have to be PRETTY JUICY to give up Shady AND JJ.