Help, Trade offered

Some one in a yahoo 10 person .5 ppr league offered:
D. hopkins
D. Williams
C. Godwin

The rest of my team rb and wr:
B. Cooks
A. Jeffery
D. J. Moore
D. Henry
R. Penny
R. Jones


just to clarify a few things… is this dynasty, keeper, or redraft? and he is offering OBJ and CMC right?

Redraft, paid league. Thanks

so ill just go ahead and assume that he is offering OBJ and CMC then since you didnt answer that part.

no, i wouldnt do it. williams has a lot of value this year, to the point where even the ballers are talking about how he will creep up into the back of the 1st round. if this were dynasty i would do it because i dont think it lasts for williams. and the trade is close enough at face value to do it for this year too. but you would be giving up the better value to do this. between hopkins being a BEAST and williams potential, and then godwins… i wouldnt fault you for doing it though because OBJ will be OBJ even in Cleveland and CMC is just stupid good. perception for CMC is high though and there will be regression. same for OBJ more than likely.

Buster has solid points but there is a world were week 4-5 we are looking at different KC running back… Williams has never been a top tier running back for a season and this is his 5th season in the league so we have idea of his skill set… CMC is a top tier running back even if you gave him some regression and short of a major injury he is a top 10 back most likely a top 5. The security of CMC is nice and if this is a keeper league you could have extended value…

Im not as high on Damien Williams so i would make this trade…I also think Chris godwin is being slightly over hyped. I would also consider you are either adding a draft day pick with only 2 players or a waiver player.

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Thanks for the input guys. I’m torn. Mostly because Williams won me a superbowl ring last year. And he fell to me in the 2nd round this year.

this is an entirely valid train of thought. i think it does last this year because the guy who i think WILL take over is Darwin Thompson. i just think it takes a year for whim to take it from him. but, i do believe he is good enough to take over this year. i just know that Reid is loyal to his backs.

there is more solidity with taking OBJ and CMC. one they are easy to spell. but 2, you just know what you will get with them. where the otherside has a LOT of upside. Hopkins you know what you will get, but the other 2 have room to grow.

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Dynasty for sure get OBJ and CMC. Much better IMHO for this trade.