Help! Trade Phillip Lindsay for Emmanuel Sanders? Quick Replies appreciated FootClan!

Hello All,

I’ll be quick. I am in a 12 person full point PPR league. My line up is

QB: Goff
RB: Zeke Elliot
RB: McCaffrey
WR: JuJu
WR: Tyler Boyd
TE: Reed
FLEX: Aaron Jones (at the moment)

Bench: Nick Chubb, Dalvin Cook, Phillip Lindsay, golden tate and Larry fitz.

I am a strong contender for the championship, but am worried about my weak link: Tyler Boyd. Especially since Dalton and Green are out… I want to upgrade him by trading Phillip Lindsay for Emmanuel Saunders. NOTE: The team who has Emmanuel Saunders is also pretty stacked and would probably be my competition in the championship…

Do I trade Phillip Lindsay to upgrade my lineup or don’t to avoid giving my competition a top 15 RB??! PLease help!!! ANy advice appreciated. Love you Clan.