Help understanding my RBs + Trade Help?

So here’s my roster
QB - Allen
RB - Sanders, Drake, Mixon, Gordon, Devonta (Hope he lands somewhere)
WR - Bobby Trees, Lockett, Chark, CeeDee
TE - Gesicki (Didn’t start oops), Hockenson

I’m currently 1-1 due to losing by a point last week and I’m looking mainly to see if I can get good value for one of my RBs, but I need a little help understanding who I should see as untouchable and who I should try to be moving. I also have an offer of Julio for Mixon and Chark, but I don’t think I want to take that. Here’s my interpretation of my guys:

  • Sanders- Gets a great share of work but looks a little rusty, still probably keeping him as an untouchable unless I get an insane offer.
  • Drake- Explosive player in an explosive offense and I think will trend up. However, Edmonds and Murray both stealing some of his work from time to time is frustrating, but I feel teams will key on Murray, leaving more lanes for Drake to run. I’d like to keep him.
  • Mixon- Probably the most frustrating out of all of them…their line looks abysmal and they will be behind in a lot of games, where Zac Taylor looks keen on removing him for Gio Bernard so that Gio can pass block (probably because of that garbage line) so I fear he will end up being scripted out. At the moment wouldn’t be opposed to moving him but I feel like it would be rash to do that because of what we saw last year.
  • Gordon- Probably the most confusing to me. Sutton is ded, Lock is out, Lindsay is out. Melvin seems to have a favorable situation now both rushing and catching wise. However, the fear of Lindsay coming back and ruining his value is real so would I be wrong to sell him to an RB hungry team?

Is there anything I am missing? How should I move forward to improve my team or should I just hold on and see if what I have is good?

Depending on the RB depth, I would take a gander at the Barkley or McCaffrey owners teams, see if they need a RB. Maybe they will give you a favorable offer for one of your RBs if they are desparate enough.

As it stands though, you have a good team with some depth.

I actually misread the text but the Barkley owner also has Julio but has said that he will need either Lockett or Woods for an RB not named sanders and I just don’t think I’m interested in that with Julio already looking hobbled from an injury

Yeah, currently that is a steep price for Juilo, who didnt look himself against Dallas.