Help us pick our keepers!

Hi All,

Everyone here has been very helpful with their thoughts and opinions on our past trade offers and keepers. So, here we go again!

We are in a 12 team, half-PPR, 3 keeper league.

Our current roster boasts:

Nick Chubb
Calvin Ridley
Ezekiel Elliot
Darren Waller

My teammate and I each have thoughts on who we should keep. I would list them here, but instead, I would like your unprompted responses to see who you would keep if this was your team.

Let us know!!!

Thanks in advance!

I personally would keep Chubb, Ridley, and Waller.

CLE is a run heavy offense. ATL just got rid of Julio, and Waller is an elite TE.

Don’t get me wrong, Zeke is still in RB1 territory, however, Dallas seems to be transitioning to a more pass heavy team with lots of mouths to feed besides Zeke.

Difficult decisions. I find it really hard to drop zeke. Honestly I hope your hairline can take the pressure as this is a nightmare decision.

For me it would reluctantly be Waller and I don’t like it. Dropping any of these guys feels like self sabotage.

My view is I’ll take the two top end rb and build around them. But there’s a justification for keeping and dropping all.

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I too would drop zeke for the same reasons.

Keep Zeke, Chubb, and Ridley and play the weekly TE game. There are alot of good sleeper TE and you wont have to face a Strong TE every week in a 12 team league.