Help w/ TE pickups (because Gronk is a DUMBY)

2nd week of 1st round playoffs… Should go in with a bit of a point lead. Who do you pick-up to cover the great big oaf that is Gronkowski while he’s suspended?

Davis @ LAC
Thomas v NE
Seals-Jones v Ten
Howard v Det
James v Bal
Lewis v Sea
Allen @ Miami
Burton @ Rams

Thanks everyone!

Dart throw… DET probably the easiest defense but probably Brate will be the primary target for Winston. Guess a shot at Seal-Jones vs TEN?

Thanks!! Just the most annoying thing for a playoff… I think if Ertz is out Burton could also be good at the Rams. Wentz will use him. But you are right it’s just a dart throw.

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#2 Seed / Points Leader / Gronk owner

I picked up Seals-Jones 2 weeks ago in a 16 teamer for Gronk injury insurance. Guess it was suspension insurance too #WompWomp So I got RSJ in my line-up as of today. Considering Burton if Ertz misses. It’s a bummer cuz I face Brady this week #WompWomp

I am thinking Burton as well. But the rams have not been easy for TEs… Otherwise I am thinking maybe Thomas, or RSJ for the match-up.

The positive this is Week #2 of Round #1 and I am going in with a 25 point lead… but that wont be enough for a complete dud?

I would pick up burton for opportunity and seals jones has a high ceiling, i also really like lewis he would be my favorite of these. Are these your only options on the waiver? maybe look at clay, njoku, if theyre on on the wire.

Njuko is but Clay is not. And I don’t love Clay if Peterson is playing.

Id go Lewis then seems like he has best opportunity and matchup out of all of these

He has burned me bad before! That’s why he’s on waivers. You think he will be good against the Chargers DST. Also, I am playing the Chargers DST and I don’t particularly love playing against one of my players lol

Lewis plays Sea, houston, and sanfran not chargers

Bah, sorry was thinking Davis. Yes Lewis is interesting.