Help Wanted!

I am one of the many very upset David Johnson owners. My other RBS are not great right now. I have Martin, JACQUIZZ RODGERS, and Devin Coleman. I honestly feel the only way I can get a quality running back is if I trade AARON Rodgers or Martavis Bryant. Who do I target what do I do? I almost offered up Rodgers and Bryant for Ajayi and Mariota what do you think?

I love getting Ajayi and Mariota in this trade, especially in your position. Ajayi is a buyer beware though if he’s playing 16 straight weeks, but he’s got alot of upside, and i like the idea of making the trade to get him before he lights up the Chargers this weekend.

I’d offer ARod and Martavis (or some other WR) for Lev Bell, just to see if whoever owns him is hung up on that subpar week 1 and is willing to shop him.

Also if anyone in your league started Andy Dalton last week, they’ll probably be willing to way overpay for Rodgers, and might be how you get the most out of trading him