HELP WDIS - Osborn, Van, Pollard

Full PPR start. Win and I’m in the playoffs, lose and I’m out. Current lineup is:
QB = Cam and Cousins
RB = Chubb and Jamaal Williams (or Swift if he plays)
WR = Diggs, McLaurin, Lockett
TE = Ertz
DST = LA Chargers

Do I flex Osborn tonight vs Pitt, Van vs Arizona, or Pollard vs WFT?

I’d start Osborn. Best matchup and I think the most potential touches.

Did you play Osborn?

No, ended up flipping last minute after talking with a couple of my Viking fan friends. It looked like the right play all game.
Came down to their recommendations + my fear of Primetime Cousins tanking just 1 spot on my roster vs 2 haha