HELP! What should I do with Mahomes injury?

I am in an 8 man league (PPR 6pt QB) and I am needing some suggestions on how to go about replacing him for the next several weeks. I don’t have another QB on my bench cause I didn’t think I would need one (forgive my naivete, this is my first year playing FF), and unfortunately a few of the other players in my league have scooped up 2 QB’s. I am wondering who would be a good choice to replace him for the next 3-4 weeks that may still be available. Any advice is appreciated.

If it’s an 8 team league there should be plenty of options available even if some have 2 QBs

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Who all is available for pickup?

I also picked up Brissett, didn’t know if that’s my best option though

I like Daniel Jones this week. Pretty good match up and he looked decent against NE even. Brissett is probably more reliable but I think he has a lower ceiling. Jones has the rushing TD advantage.

Daniel Jones is a good play this week. Darnold is someone you can play every week after this week until Mahomes gets back

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Both of these☝️

Pick up Darnold and you’re all set