Help! What to do with this team before deadline?

I tend to overthink most things, so guys I would really like some outside input on my overall team and what to do before our Friday trade deadline.

It’s a 10 team, PPR league. Due to some bad breaks, I started out 0-4(!). I rattled off 3 straight to climb to 3-4 only before dropping the last 2, one to the Gurley/Rodgers owner, the next to the 2nd highest scorer that week (I was 3rd highest scoring that week :sob: ) .

So here I am at 3-6 with 4 games left, sitting in 8th place. Trying hard to make a desperate playoff push. My team is as follows:

QB - Brees, Watson (was dropped the other day and picked up to stash)
RB - David Johnson, Mixon, A. Jones, Chubb, Drake, T. Coleman
WR- M. Thomas, Adams, D. Thomas, Golladay
TE - Ertz, Burton (don’t need now that Ertz’ bye is over)
K - Zurlein
Stream Def.

I have a lot of RB depth that I’m trying to spin into reliable starters. I’ve a deal in the works to send Chubb+Drake for R. Woods. Any other suggestions on this team and what I can do to improve it before the deadline? Who could I target? I appreciate any and all input. Thanks gang!

Chubb and Drake for woods would be sick but I think the best thing would be to turn David Johnson into someone like Hunt or CMC. Package DJ plus Coleman or DJ plus Golladay.

I’ve been thinking about moving DJ. The thought of getting rid of him kinda bums me because I’m living in dreamland of the past, and I just know the second I trade him he’ll morph back into 2016 DJ :wink:

But yes that’s a good thought. I may look into that option.

Do you honestly believe DJ + Coleman could get Hunt? Because I have my doubts :confused:

If I owned Hunt (sadly I have no exposure to him in my leagues) I wouldn’t trade him for DJ and Coleman, assuming that the rest of my rbs are somewhat respectable.

Chat with the CMC owner and see what they would need before offering DJ AND Coleman. CMC did just have a big game and has a very good schedule coming up, so that might be what is needed to get it done. But ask first cuz they may take something like DJ and Chubb.

Forgot you were offering Chubb and Drake already… So I guess it would be more of a question as to what you’d like your roster to look like for the push. More top RBS or Wideouts.

I’ve been negotiating with the CMC owner, who is very stingy lol. He has Gurley, CMC, and Rodgers, so championship caliber team. But his only reliable WR is Green, who is out for a bit. So he has NO WR depth. But he seems firm in standing pat.

But I haven’t offered him DJ yet. So here is my question, sorry if it’s dumb… is the value of CMC that significantly higher than DJ? Does DJ’s potential carry any weight or should I take off the rose colored glasses with him?

In PPR - I think so. But not to the point that I would offer Coleman and DJ… Coleman is still a part of a very good offense and he was giving you floor games for the past couple of weeks. You just saw his ceiling last week and I’d assume there will be more of those games ahead.

If he’s overly stingy though, I’d stick to focusing on the woods deal.

If the Gordon / Hunt / Kamara owner needed a solid second rb I’d look to offer them the DJ and Coleman combo. Worst they can do is say no. Just keep in mind that Hunt still has a bye week to deal with and you’re shipping off a lot of rbs. With a 3-6 record you need wins now so sacrificing all depth for the best possible lineup is worth it at this point.

I may try for Hunt just for the heck of it, but I’ll expect a no. Another post just recently reminded me to take a look at Johnson’s remaining schedule and it would seem very favorable for him.

Woods is basically a done deal. It’s agreed, I just have to send it.

The Cards offense just looks terrible… I’m not inspired by the way they’ve played so I’ve stayed away from DJ all season when he was being shopped around in my leagues.

You’ve got me contemplating DJ now again… lol

I agree the Arizona offense is completely uninspiring but at least the opportunity is there. DJ is the workhorse and won’t lack for opportunity. Just have to hope they begin using him like he’s meant to be used. Last game was a decent start. I’m fine holding him and love his upside/ROS, but also don’t mind moving him if it’s what it takes. I’m definitely in win now mode.