Help! ! Who do I drop?

I need to steam a TE this week cause Burton is on his bye and idk who to drop…Latavius Murray (I own Cook), Chubb, Henry or Keke

I’d drop Keke or Chubb

unless you really buy into chubb and he could start getting more carries and having that backfield as a two headed monster i’d drop chubb. if you do buy into him then henry.

Drop henry. Chubb honestly has more potential than Henry. Henry, we know he sucks. Chubb, we just need him to get opportunity. If I have the depth and don’t need the RB right now, I’d be fine stashing him like i have in a couple of my leagues.

I was jus involved in trade talks including Chubb so I kno he will b added by the Hyde owner if I drop him and I’ll lose my chance at pulling that trade off…

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bye bye henry

I would hold onto chubb, Chubb has higher ceiling

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Would u trade Chubb and cooper for Kupp jus to free up the roster spot?

cooper is a roller coaster of unpredictability and chubb has nice potential with that said i personally like kupp in that high powered offense and would go for it. i’m slightly biased because ive been on the cooper train for 1.5 years now and im regretting buying back in this year and want to sell him for anything of worth.

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I’d make this trade for sure.