Help! Who do I keep?

Full Point PPR 2RB/2WR/2Flex and can only keep 1…

Lamar Jackson, Justin Jefferson or George Kittle

No Tier 1 guys currently on the roster…

Appreciate y’all!!

If it costs you a pick value I say Jefferson. I can only imagine he was a super late pick last year.
If everyone loses their first pick for a keeper then I’d go with the positional value of Kittle.

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I was thinking the same thing. If it goes by when you drafted them then Jefferson would probably be the clear favorite. Possible top 10 WR for low draft pick.

Jefferson, and it’s not really even close.

Thanks all. Everyone loses their first round pick in this league

So 2RB/2WR/2Flex…which means you don’t have to start a TE?

I’d go Jefferson regardless, but if you don’t HAVE to start a TE, it’s a slam dunk. Kittle is just a guy at that point.

yeah 1TE as well. have to start a TE

Since you lose your 1st, I’d go with Kittle. The value at that position and the drop-off after that is tremendous. The security of having a plug-in TE on your roster is super valuable.