Help, whos your favorite among these players? (Startup PPR)

I had the 4th pick and we are currently at the 9.04… My team so far… QB: Wilson RBs: Zeke, Howard WRs: Green, Diggs, Parker, Shepard
The players im eyeing are RBs: Foreman, Lynch, Ballage WR: Aghlor, Sutton, Mike Williams (LAC), or Garcon.
Who would be your favorite here??

when you say startup, do you mean startup redraft, or dynasty like i think you mean? im gonna base my response off of dynasty.

without knowing what else is out there, i would probably go with foreman out of all of them. he has the easiest path to take over the majority share of a backfield. and he can do it for a while with his age. you are already pretty good at WR. but if you decided you want to go WR, i would look at williams, or aghlor. sutton is super tempting here but you would have to wait longer to get results now. and in a startup, you want these picks to count now. if he is there in round 11 (highly doubt it, will probably go pretty soon after your pick) then im taking him knowing i have solid depth for this year so i can make a run now. with howard and zeke you are set at your 1 2 punch for RB. but depth is still important. thats why im looking at foreman. i have seen leagues popping up lately where its 3 WR and 2 Flex spots. i that happens to be a league type you are in, i would change my answer to a WR. which would probably be williams. thats tough though cause you know what you get with nelson. but williams has so much higher of a ceiling. yeah, i would go williams in that case.

Take Sutton. Higher upside receiver in the draft, clear path to take over for DT once he’s gone next year. Kids a freak. Definitely high risk but also high reward.

Would avoid Foreman. Running backs rarely come back from Achilles injuries if ever. Think about the guys that got an achilles injury, basically ended their career and don’t come back to form. Foreman likely will be on PUP to start the year as well.

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@MikeMeUpp Agreed!