Help with 1 rb

K. Hunt
D. Woodhead
D. Freeman
O. Darkwa
D. Booker

Only need 1 to start what yall think?

Freeman would be first choice. He handles carries and passing downs.

I’d go with Freeman. He has no limitations this week and is the #1 back in an offense that will score.

I’m kinda leaning Freeman as well. Coleman will definitely take the back seat here if Freeman is indeed back at full speed. The only thing that concerns me here is that they’re playing MIN. And with Freeman just coming back…well…it’s always kinda iffy in those situations. BUT…of those you listed above…yeah…I’d have to lean towards Freeman even though Woodhead could be another thought.

I know he hasn’t played all that well lately but I don’t know how you sit Hunt

Im in the same situation. Was considering playing woodhead over Freeman. Still not sure yet. My thing with Freeman is he will definitely get bulk of carries but not all. Since week 6 he hasn’t got over 12 carries. If that continues, i don’t know how he will do much of anything against Minnesota who have second best rush Def.

Hunt hasn’t had a touchdown since week 3, hasn’t gone over 100 total yards since week 8, 9 carries against Dallas, only 11 against the Bills that had just gotten shredded for almost 300 rushing yards by the Saints, only 1 Target in the Buffalo game. It’s not necessarily Hunt I’m worried about, more the underutilization by Andy Reid.

Leaning towards Freeman on this one.